Sometimes, my father asks me if I have money for my life and I expect he would give me some of it. However, if I answer “no”, he just say “then try to save it”.

I’m always reading into his message wrongly.

He always talks me into being independent.


After going back to Japan, I need to write my thesis for graduation so I should dig into references and devote myself to my research.

I major in tourism and I’ll write about the influence of tourism.

Tourism plays up amusing people, but down plays the negative fact. Eg. damaged environment by tourists.

I was toying with the idea of going Honolulu to do some survey and I bought the tickets to go there.

Hawaii had caught on in the world as touristic destination many years ago.

Especially in Japan, it took off after appearing of B747.

I guess people in Hawaii open up to foreigners so I hope I can do good research.



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