About me


Yuki Sonobe

Blogger / Photographer / Tourism student

16.Aug.1996 (22)


I was born in Ibaraki, Japan.

I like to learn new things, write blog and taking photos.


I major in Tourism in Rikkyo University which is most famous for tourism in Japan.

I have knowledge about community based tourism (CBT), web marketing, sis branding.


My hobby is useful to improve my business such us writing blog and taking photos.

Of course, I really like to go to travel.


I believe that Tourism can make the world happier.


Vole Plus

This blog was set up to share my ideas and record my life.

I hope that I can meet new people and inspire each other through this blog.

Your feedback is always welcome.


I’m learning English now so my writing skill is progressing.

Thank you for visiting my blog.



Twitter: @yuki_sonobe

Instagram: @yukisonobe

Photo’s: @yukisonobephotos






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